Poor Inspection at Abbotsford

At the conclusion of my building and pest inspection at Abbotsford today the owner of the house told me about a previous inspection of her property by another company. The other inspector had identified this small area of timber damage in her garage as termite damage and the purchasers withdrew from the sale. His entire inspection took 20 minutes maximum. He did not go on the roof, into the roof void or under the house. My inspection took two hours and included in that was the two seconds that it took to see that the small area of timber damage in the garage was wood decay caused by a small leak in the roof – very clearly not caused by termites.

There are Building and Pest Inspectors and then there are Idiots.

The problem is that the general public don’t know the difference and just go for the cheapest price. Of course he can quote cheap, he only spent 20 minutes on the job and the client would have been better served if he hadn’t turned up at all.

Try to ask around and get a referral, not just from the agent handling the sale.

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